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Check out Lara's new musical comedy video "The Devil Joins Tinder!"

Check out this music video with Mexican pop star Cristian Castro (I'm the cute violinist in the back-up band 50 sec in!)

We apologize, we are busy updating our website and only the Fly Comedy and Fiddle Comedy clips are available above. For more information call us at 714-746-0534.

Lara's Fly Comedy - (1.11MB) Don't you hate it when a pesky fly ruins a command performance! This piece was originally written for children but has proven just as popular with the young at heart. It combines the lively dance music of Offenbach's Cancan with the old comedy of the vaudeille stage. Check it out!

Bach to Rock - (1.15MB) Maestro (a child volunteer) leads us through the universe of music from classical to country to rock-'n'-roll! Along with studio-sequenced tracks that provide "live" accompaniment, this educational piece takes the colorful music of Bizet's Carmen and "stylizes" it into a classical concerto, a fiddle hoe-down, a jazz standard and a rock-'n'-roll extravaganza.

FiddleComedy - (2.85 MB; this one takes a bit to download) This schtick routine has caught the attention of national audiences! The most popular question ever posed to fiddle players is, "What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?" Watch it now to find out!

Beethoven's Fifth Comedy - (1.25MB) This bit will make you laugh out loud! A version of Beethoven's most well-known piece with a little fiddlecomedy flare.